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Ability Draft can be overwhelming

Our real-time drafting assistant helps breakdown the information


Ability Winrates

Each ability shows you a simple winrate shift associated with it. This lets you easily avoid possible ability traps, and shortlist the spells you'd like to draft.

Top Abilities

If you're struggling for ideas in such a fast-paced draft just pick one of the top spells listed by a few key metrics.

Dangerous Combos

We warn you about the common "broken" combos in the game. It's hard to keep track of all of them, and nobody likes playing against those pesky Sticky Napalm combos.

Matchup Summary

A quick overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

Player Rating

We've developed a dedicated rating system for your Ability Draft games. You can see the rank of your allies and enemies too.

Abilities in Scoreboard

The old-school players will remember this long-gone feature. We brought it back!

Many more features coming soon! We are just getting started...


Free two week trial then
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What you pay for:

  • All of the features above
  • Fund the development of even more amazing features
  • Support the Ability Draft scene, we run monthly community events funded by our subscribers

Our goals for Ability Draft

Ethereal is one of the many ways we want to grow the Ability Draft scene. We want to make this mode more accessible to all players, and we obviously believe this community has the potential to grow. The playerbase is small but passionate, and despite there being missing components in the overall community, we hope to fill some of those gaps ourselves - and also help assist others who are working to make the scene better.

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Do I need to add payment details for the trial?
No, the trial is valid as soon as you verify your email.
Why isn't the app free?
The app does have basic free functionality, however we consider Ethereal the premium part of the AD "product-system" we are working on. All the stats that power Ethereal are freely available on
Will I get banned for using this tool?
We cannot guarantee anything regarding VAC. However, based on the history of similar tools there have been no reports of bans.
How do I cancel the subscription?
In the main app window click on "Manage Subscription". This will open a window in your browser where you will see a "Cancel Subscription" button.
How is the player rating calculated?
At its core, the Player Rating is a Trueskill algorithm - with a few modifiers. We will continue to adjust this system as we collect more data on the Ability Draft population.

Players who haven't played more than a threshold number of games are regarded as uncalibrated.

Read more about it on datDota.
How do I remove Ethereal from my Dota 2 menu?
Open Ethereal and in the tray there will be an option Dota 2 Build > Unload build. If you've already uninstalled the app, then you will have to manually edit the file:
dota 2 beta\game\dota\
Remove the line with "Game ethereal".